Why Do We Need Highly Accelerated Stress Test ?

The purpose of the high accelerated aging test is to increase the environmental stress (e.g., temperature) and the working stress (voltage load applied to the product). etc.) Speed up the test process and shorten the life test time of the product or system.

With the improvement of reliability of electronic semiconductor products, most electronic devices can withstand long-term high temperature and humidity deviation test without failure. As a result, the testing time used to determine the quality of the finished product has increased considerably.

The high accelerated aging test chamber is widely used for accelerated aging life test of IC semiconductor connector circuit board, magnetic material, polymer material EVA photovoltaic module and other related products in the industry. In the design phase of the product, The developers use HAST test to quick exposure of product defects and vulnerabilities, check the sealing and aging properties of the tested samples.

Compare with the environmental chamber’s 85℃/85%R.H. test, HAST test can save a lot of time. The higher the test temperature, the greater the pressure, and the shorter the test time, In the quality inspection, It will save a lot of manpower, material resources, enhance the competitiveness of products.

Why Do We Need Highly Accelerated Stress Test ?

▼ Temperature Range: +105℃~+145℃|Humidity Range: 65% ~ 100%R.H

▼ Pressure Range: 0.5~3.0 Kg/cm2|Pressure Up Time: Atmospheric pressure to 200Kpa about 20min

▼ Temperature Fluctuation: ±0.5℃|Humidity Fluctuation: ±2.0% R.H

Wewon’s Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber Structure Features :

● The tank inside the highly accelerated aging test chamber is designed with circular arc, which can prevent the phenomenon of condensation and dripping. In order to avoid the test samples in the test process by the superheated steam direct impact of the test results
● Machine equipped with double stainless steel product stand. Special product rack can also be customized free of charge according to customer’s product specifications and sizes.

● The highly accelerated aging test chamber from Wewon Tech will not start if the test area door is left unlocked. When the temperature in the test area is too high, the machine will sound an alarm and automatically cut off the heating power.

● The machine adopts efficient vacuum pump to achieve the best pure saturated vapor state in the test room.

● It adopts 7-inch true color touch screen and has 250 sets of 12500 programs. USB curve data download function, RS-232 communication interface.

● Machine equipment with automotive grade silicone integral seal strip, good air tightness. Automatic exhaust and pressure relief when the pressure in the test area exceeds the maximum operating value.

● Automatic water replenishment function, front water level confirmation. At the beginning of the test, the system automatically adds enough water for the test. The remaining water in the tank can be simply confirmed from the front.

● The machine adopts wet and dry ball sensor to measure directly. The control mode is divided into three modes: dry and wet bulb unsaturated wet and saturated

With the new round of information technology revolution on the global consumer habits and lifestyle change, The demand for high-quality products brought about by industrial upgrading is increasing day by day, and the revolution of quality technology is imperative.

For the highly accelerated stress test systems research development and innovation, Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. always actively and efficiently carry out continuous innovation to meet different test needs for customers. If you have HAST testing requirements, Please contact us.

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