Hot Air Oven for Industrial VS Laboratory Hot Air Oven

Hot air oven for industrial means the hot oven mainly be used for industrial products. Laboratory hot air oven means the hot oven be used for laboratory test work. The quite difference is the working place, But they may the same hot air oven product actually !

Because hot air oven popular used for various area. In case you have a newly develop product and try to sell it to the market, Then you need to do the temperature test and Ultraviolet aging test, such as a UV test chamber simulate environment Ultraviolet aging test. Meanwhile, You new samples need a rain test chamber for IP X3 IP X4 raining test, like the LED lamps any product will be exposed in the natural environment.

Hot Air Oven

hot air oven

Below are the related hot air oven technical parameters for your reference. When you try to know the hot oven price from the China manufacturer. You need to know these ovens technical parameters. Otherwise, It may quite difficult for you to negotiate with the hot air oven supplier. Because they have no idea on which model dry hot air oven you are looking for !

Equipment Parameters Hot Air Oven for Industrial and Laboratory Hot Air Oven
Construction Description Double Walled
Inner Chamber Size 600mm X 600mm X 600mm
Inner Chamber construction SS 18 Gauge
Appearance Dimension Stainless steel or galvanized steel or mild steel sheet and are duly powder coated
Insulation Notice Special grade glass wool
Thermostat Temperature accuracy +/- 1 Deg C
On/Off Control Temperature accuracy +/- 1 Deg C
Microprocessor control Temperature accuracy +/- 0.5 Deg C
Temp. Uniformity ±1C at 100C, ±2C at 200C, ±2.5C at 250C
Control Stability ±0.5C
Repeatability ±0.5C
Doors Comment Duly insulated
Exhaust capacity Adj. to 5 CFM
Re-circulating fan 1/25 HP 150 CFM
Coil Heaters Heating elements to be made of high quality nichrome wire
Temp. Range Ambient to 250C, ±1C
Temp. Control By PID Digital temp. controller
Number of trays The China laboratory hot oven manufacturer with 3 trys
Air Circulation Forced air circulation using motorized fan
Side Opening Two small side opening to be provided for natural air Circulation within the oven
Air Ventilators Laboratory hot oven supplier required
Color scheme Combination of Blue and Grey
Recovery time 1 min. to 7 min. for temp. 100C to 250C
Applicable Standards Heaters should have appeared marks UL/CE/ISI
Calibration Certificate Required with calibration logo
Power Supply 220 volts, Single Phase, 50 Hz, AC supply
Connected load dry hot air oven supplier To be confirmed
Data recording China hot oven manufacturer Provision required

hot air oven

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