Which of these does a transformer change: voltage, cur-rent, energy, power ?

Wewon’s power transformers are widely utilized in positioning equipments, handling facilities, injection molding equipments, printing devices, precision machine tools, and various other imported equipment, motors, assembly lines, test/aging shelfs, and also equipment, electronic equipment, clinical equipment, rectifiers, lights and other power supply celebrations where the power supply voltage requires to be changed. The power transformer created by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is primarily ideal for alternating current, regularity conversion between 50-60Hz, and power supply areas where the input voltage does not surpass A/C 1000V.

Wewon’s power transformers takes on strenuous layout with exceptional efficiency, reliable operation and also vast applicability. The transformer’s ranked input voltage, ranked outcome voltage, link group, circulation of tap winding capacity, etc., can be thoroughly made and produced according to customer’s needs. The single phase magnetic transformers as well as 3 phase power transformers are installed vertically as well as can work continually for a long period of time under rated capacity.

Wewon’s dry type transformer is a multi-coil (double coil as well as above) structure transformer. In addition to altering the voltage, the magnetic transformer can likewise electrically isolate the input winding and output winding from each other. In enhancement, the power transformers also has the effect of subduing various interferences.

The electric power transformers created by Wewon Tech is laminated flooring with premium brand-new cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheets. Key, additional air duct fan heats up promptly, Galvanized tripod treated with unique dipping process.

The AC power transformer created by Wewon Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd. is a brand-new item created additionally on the basis of totally absorbing the modern technology of lots of comparable items in China as well as abroad. The product has solid ability to stand up to thermal shock, flame resistant, high fire resistance, low loss, small partial discharge, low sound, no damaging gas, no pollution to the environment, aloof to temperature and also dust, tiny in dimension, no breaking, simple maintenance.

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